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Camp Information

This year Mandir wants to modify the camp format to have increased participation from parents. The camp will be ‘youth and family camp’. For youth, it will start on Sunday as usual and then parents can join the camp Thursday afternoon and can stay till the end of the camp on Saturday.  Camp counselor's applications are accepted until the first week of January.


For Counselors only


What does it mean to be a counselor of the Hindu Jain temple camp?

- The counselor is a role model for the campers. Her or his character should reflect Hindu values and discipline.

- The counselor is a future Mandir and community service leader. He or she is expected to lead Seva projects in the future.


Prerequisites for HJT counselor:

- Serve in the HJT for at least 21 hours in a calendar year before submitting the application.

- Write one-page essay introducing your self (social, cultural and academic), describe challenges faced by the HJ community and how will you address them


 Hitesh Mehta

President, Hindu Jain Temple