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Laxmi Narayan


Bhagwan Vishnu is also known as Narayan. Along with Brahma (creator), and Shiva (destroyer) He makes the Hindu trinity. To sustain the universe He reincarnates at various times to destroy the evil and to help uplift the noble. He is the finite manifestation of the infinite.

He is shown holding counch (signifying intellect that calls us to seek the divine & to live nobler life) discus or chakra (signifying ego--destruction of ego with Lord’s chakra or wheel lead to nobler thoughts & deeds), Gada or mace (signifying hardships one faces in journey towards the divine) & lotus or padma(signifying God’s blessings if intellect can successfully overcome ego & mind to drive us towards the divine). His consort is
Goddess Laxmi - the Goddess of prosperity - material & nonmaterial- signifying that if we worship Bhagwan Vishnu with love & devotion, Laxmi will follow the Lord and enrich our lives.