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Ram Parivar


:: Ram

Sri Ram is the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The personality of Lord Ram stands out unique and the most glorious as compared to any other character described in the spiritual scripture. Sri Ram is the ideal of uncompromising goodness. Nowhere else does one find such idealistic perfection in all walks of life combined in a single individual. Thus Ram was at once, a perfect son, ideal king, a true husband, a real friend, a devotee brother, a noble enemy and so on. Sri Ram is the peerless symbol of the highest ideal, the personification of every virtue, Maryada Purushottam, to be above reproach in every respect.

:: Seeta

Mother Seeta is an ideal woman who is not only Pativrata (faithful to husband), but also a symbolic of glory of Hindu womanhood. She is an exceptional character that has been wonderfully delineated as to win universal admiration, appreciation and sympathy. Seeta’s devotion to Sri Ram is exemplary.

:: Lakshman

Lakshman characterized as the very embodiment of the principle of service. Sri Ram as well as Seeta attest his efficiency and services. Angry & violent he can be, but at the bottom, has a simple and kind nature. Simple as he is then, possesses many lovable qualities, all springing from his utmost devotion to his elder brother Sri Ram.

:: Hanuman

Hanuman or Sri Anjaneya as he is fondly known as the crest jewel in the gem studded mala of Ramayan. He is the scintillating brilliance of manifold virtues distilled as it were throwing its aura around on mankind. His humanity, strength of purpose, devotion to duty are some of his striking qualities. His physical stamina is astounding. His courage, intelligence and strength are exemplary. His greatest quality is devotion to Sri Ram. Thus, he is also called Ram Bhakta.

:: The Ramayan

The great epic, the Ramayan, with its universal appeal even today, has inspired generations of people even beyond the shore of Bharat (India). The captivating charm of the epic is because of the fact that the mighty truth, the godhead indicated in Upnishads, has descended as an avatar, out of compassion to of humanity. It is the descent of the Lord for the ascent of Man! In the epic, Ram and Seeta take the roles of an ideal couple who have set example to enable human being to live his and her way of life in thought, word and deed under all conditions and circumstances. The epic is a character of duties for husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers, friends and attendants, rulers and the ruled. The intensely human qualities of head and heart of the divine couple, portrayed through-out the Ramayan, have an eternal control and hence a relevant appreciation to the present day family, community, national and international materialistic life of tension and confusion.